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Good for a laugh.

Hello here from Manchester, England! You've just read the first post of the largest Lion King fan in the entire world . Let me introduce myself:

I'm a 14 year old teacher, with seven years experience in that field, with the equivalent of a BSc in Mathematics. TLK is my inspiration in life, and I had a Simba plushie on my desk with me when I took my finals at university for my BSc. He brought me luck, and I got a first as a result :P! I attributed my success to my utmost dedication to TLK, and I found it helped incredibly to listen to the music whilst revising for the finals. The movies helped beyond words also. I'm teaching in a town called Bury, close to Manchester, so if you are ever around, ask about me, someone will know who I am :P! My hobbies are TLK, study of the uniform polyhedra and calculus, along with a fiercely burning passion for linguistics. That's about me, and I'm glad to be here! . Any problems you have, especially in Mathematics, feel free to PM me, I can tell you all you need to know. Also, any questions on TLK, I consider myself to be a TLK Guru if you will, so again, feel free to ask anything you're unsure on about TLK. I speak twenty-three languages to a degree of fluency, and I can translate if anyone has trouble speaking English and would prefer to speak their mother tongue.

My nickname is Simba, I would appreciate it if you would refer to me as Simba, although my real name is Chris, I despise it and in real life aswell as many other places on the internet I am known as Simba. Thus, that is what I wish to be known as here .

Well, very nice introducing myself to you all, and now it's time for a few questions I would like you to enlighten me with your obviously superior knowledge of these forums (after all I've only been here five minutes, but you give me time... )

1) Titles in the forum? Do they exist? Is it based on post count? If yes, how many posts is each title?

2) Becoming a moderator: How? Does experience help? Being Active a plus?

3) Profanity/Discrimination: Do the moderators here deal with these intolerable behaviour seriously?

4) Spamming: How is spamming dealt with? Do the moderators crack down on spamming? Is it dealt with firmly?

That's about all I need to say in my introductory post, thankyou for reading it all if you took that liberty, and if you chose not to, well then, you just missed out on a piece of informative literature and I'm sure after you've seen me around here a while then you will take an interest in what I have to say.

My catchphrase: Hugglez + Nuzzlez + A Big Bag of Snugglez.

If I like you; you're polite and a diligent member of the forum, then it's likely you will hear my catchphrase said to you at one point or another.

Hugglez + Nuzzlez + A Big Bag of Snugglez to everyone,
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